What Is The Best Jobsite Table Saw

What Is The Best Jobsite Table Saw?

Many factors affect your decision when buying a table saw. One thing is certain, and that is the fact that your new saw needs to be versatile, powerful and extremely stable. When you work on a project for your customers, precision is the key. Therefore, choosing a table saw to do the job correctly is crucial.

To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of various functions that make up a table of contractors. We’ve also included specific attributes that you should consider when making your final decision. Visit website

Weight & Material:

Where you use the table saw determines what weight you should look for. Table saws by contractors are massive parts of the kit. They require several people to move one. Other than that, some are easier than others. If you ever need to move your table saw, a lighter table is the best option. Somewhere from 200 – 300 pounds will be ideal. If your table saw is set up in a workshop and should not be moved at all, you should choose a heavier one because heavier table saws offer more stability compared to lighter saws. Heavy tables can weigh anywhere up to £ 600 and more.

One factor that affects weight is the material of the tabletop. Most table saws have a cast iron plate that is strong, durable and wear-resistant. However, there are also other options available in the market, including stainless steel and pressed metal. These are usually lighter than cast iron, but just as durable.

Table size:

The type of work you do determines which table size you need. Contractor tables are usually much larger than traditional table saws. However, different contractors have different requirements. Someone who cuts home for living needs a smaller table than someone who cuts fence panels and kitchen countertops. Consider the size of the materials you work with most often and select the table size accordingly.

What Is The Best Jobsite Table Saw


Contracted circular saws are expensive. They are also powerful and complex machine parts that are susceptible to interference and occasional glitches. If you choose a table saw with a good manufacturer’s warranty, you can count on it to be insured if something goes wrong.


The power of the engine depends on the size and weight of the machine. Lighter, more portable table saws can deliver a maximum of two horsepower. Larger, more stationary table saws can have a power of up to 5 hp. The latter may be overkill for most professionals. However, if you need something extremely powerful, you should be aware of it. For most professions, 1 to 3 HP is enough.

Fencing and miter teaching:

The fence and miter gauge are two important parts of the kit that should be included with each purchase of a table saw. The fencing system provides stability and control so you can make straight cuts. Miter gauge allows you to make angled cuts. Without these two accessories, you can not do any work worth mentioning. Always remember these two things when making your decision.


Contract table saws differ from conventional home table saws only in that they are used more frequently. Additional storage space under the table allows you to safely store extra blades and other accessories when you need them. The more storage space, the better.