Getting into a car accident can lead to several unwanted consequences, including permanent injuries, loss of earnings, etc. Why not do everything you can to avoid a car accident in the first place then? Causes of car accidents, and learn preventative measures for automobile accidents.

How to recover the Damages and loss of Auto accidents:


1. Investigate the car accident: Obtain the accident report and statements from any witnesses and the investigating officer. Keep in mind that the officer’s conclusions about who was at fault are in no way the final word.  I have had some success in the past with cases where the officer found my client to be at fault but I was able to prove to the insurance company that it was not my client’s fault.  Wondering exactly how to investigate the accident properly?

2. Contact with Your Insurance Company: All your agent or insurance companys emergency claims number immediately. If you can call them from the scene, it may be even more useful. Sometimes a police officer can give your insurance company more accurate information than you can at the time because you are upset by the accident.

3. Contact a auto accident lawyer: A car accident can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  In the blink of an eye, you may be left out of work, with mounting bills, and dealing with unhelpful insurance adjusters.


4. Gather any relevant documents:

Retrieve the relevant paperwork from your car accident and your injuries to bring to the consultation.

This includes any discharge notes from the hospital, the driver exchange form from the car accident, and anything the insurance company may have mailed to you.

Also bring a copy of your own auto insurance policy.  You may be able to collect money from your own insurance through uninsured coverage, underinsured coverage, or med-pay.



5. Hire an attorney. 

Personal auto accident lawyer almost never charge anything to take your car accident case.

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency – receiving 33% of whatever they can recover from the insurance company. In return, your attorney should do some or all of the following things to help settle your case for as much money as possible:


  • Obtain and review the Accident Report
  • Speak to the investigating officer
  • Locate witnesses
  • Obtain photographs of the vehicles involved
  • Review your medical records
  • Speak to your doctor
  • Review your medical bills
  • Communication with the insurance company
  • Review potential lost wages
  • Review the at-fault driver’s driving record
  • Review the at-fault driver’s criminal record
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • File a lawsuit only if necessary


Causes of automobile accidents & We should be carefull about :-

  • Stop Distracted Driving
  • Do not cross Speeding limit
  • Do not drive recklessly on the road.
  • Be aware of Animal Crossings
  • Do not race on the road
  • look after the road signs like,Deadly Curves etc on the roads.
  • Stay alert of Tire Blowouts
  • Potholes in the street.






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